"The frailty of everything revealed at last."

THE ROAD / Cormac McCarthy


The Great Purification

Sedna, Quaoar, Nibiru, Nangasohu. Rogue planets either rumored to be on their way or far closer than we are being told, and the Hopi Kachini that may represent them all or something even stranger still.

Does the longest continuous civilization in North America know the secret of remaining that way or can it be as simple as just not ignoring the obvious? Their Elders even went to the U.N. to try to explain it to the rest of us.

Maybe they should try again now that John Bolton is the new representative of the United States, or in light of the discovery of the latest Trans-Neptunian Object which has yet to be named.

Thank you for not posting my original comments where I chided you for not knowing who the United States Ambassador to the United Nations is. I have since visited more pages in this site and realize the time-sensitive nature of your work, and my error. I am including my personal email address. Please put me on your mailing list as there's not much time left. You are an excellent writer. It seems you don't miss a thing and I don't want to either.



August 31, 2010

No error. No foul. You just had my back, and that kind of effort is never wasted even if unnecessary. Thank you for pointing out the dangers of putting up a page that might seem outdated in five years, but you're right... there isn't much time left. So, as much as I hesitate to mar this page with the terroryptich above, I need to revisit the irony of Hopi Elders confronted with John Bolton, who was, unfortunately, our unconfirmed recess-appointed ambassador to the United Nations when the first SHIFT HAPPENS page was posted.

I'll make this short.

Too late.

Elsewhere I've spoken of "Carsonization". Surely, on the day Johnny Carson died, I was not the only one to notice that all day, and from that point on, no one heard Johnny Carson again. Strange epitaph for America's most loved comedian. Not Funny. There was nearly continuous video of his career, but always voiced over by whatever media personality was reporting. No more jokes.

Dick Cheney (who approved of, if not suggested the Bolton loophole) may have single-handedly gotten us into the Iraq War which Obama is going to try to explain the "end" of tonight, by feeding Bush Administration "facts" to the Wall Street Journal, which in turn editorialized same, allowing him to go on FOX NEWS and point to the WSJ coverage as though what he wanted America to believe was indeed factual. With Carson's death, the person making the news could be removed from the process to be replaced by a third party telling us what to believe about the image on the screen.

The Hopi Elders didn't have a chance, and now, neither does anyone else.

Someone can go from storming offices during a Presidential election in order to make sure their candidate wins, so that the new President can then make them not-ambassador to the UN, and then become a FOX NEWS contributor where their unconfirmed gravitas can continue to make their opinions seem weighty.

Worked for Rove.

Sarah Palin not only proved that you don't have to follow debate rules when you flunk debate prep, but you can quit your job as an elected official in order to become Tweet-in-Chief; a far more influential position. Republicans can put their feet up and patriotically proclaim their intention to oppose the candidate that beat them, and Glenn Beck can structure and promote a rally that no one knows yet what was really said, or why, because all that mattered was getting all that footage in the can so FOX NEWS could provide all the answers from that point on. A perfect 24/7 platform to attack all who "attack" them. For reasons they don't need to share with anyone.

The fact that MSNBC always takes the bait, and has finally sunk even lower than those they used to expose but now only ridicule, only makes matters worse. That there's only 4 half-hours each of Stewart & Colbert - the two media personalities that should be trusted when they make fun of those who truly deserve it - out of every "MINUTE TO SPIN IT" week, only proves how valuable a little time can be.

If some ancient prophet or seer dared look into a distant future, he or she might be forgiven for thinking our world was The End Of The World. Upon escaping such a Vision, our headlines might be exactly what they were trying to put into words. Words unheeded and warnings unprovable. Descriptions doomed to be inadequate. Dangers unseen by those who live through them.

I googled "Bolton Hopi Elders" on the off chance that they might have actually met, and found the page linked above. Itself, perhaps a better example of what is going on two years from Long Count Over. If we are circling the drain, it might be possible to change entropy to transcendence. From a vortex of ever-increasing darkness, to an inverted well filled with ever brighter light. It might also be out of everybody's hands, and all the positivity and projection in the world won't save the World. A quick surfing of the channels however, sure seems to prove the efficacy of grinding us down in the end. If the point of all the accelerated awareness we seem to be professing is to actually do something with same, confronting those who are obviously determined to control not just our minds but the Noosphere itself has always been a good place to start, and what SHIFT HAPPENS will continue to do.

If, it's as simple as two teams of Iron Age Chefs intent on winning the competition with either a Tamasik or Satvik recipe, it would be wise to remember that the key to Duality is always the 3rd choice. It is the Gift/Burden of sentience that Rajasik action is necessary to choose between those who would have you EAT SH!T AND DIE, and those who would "choose to live, like a Phoenix, on the aroma of things, not on their flesh."

To feed on Death is to become food for Death. To live by other's pain is to become a prey for pain. Know this and choose your course..

"If there's one thing I've learned, it's that people don't damn themselves in an instant, but with a thousand small decisions. One compromised choice leads to six more, and it goes from there. They decide they can cut a corner, or the ends justify the means, and then since they decided it once, they decide it again."

Always an "If we give up, they win" kind of guy, I recently shared the above quote with someone close to me, and with Time being what it is, I made sure that he knew I had seen him turn that very corner in a good way, and that his thousand daily small decisions were a great relief to a Father-In-Law at a time when incremental examples of Right Action and Service To Others grow more valuable every day. If these pages, themselves evidence of a thousand small decisions, turn the tide as well, much less point to the ocean beyond, we may find that we've had enough time all along.

I'm a Guitar Player. Think of these pages and their images, as album art and liner notes on an unprecedented scale.

For excellent writing, I refer you to "TRUST NO ONE" which supplied the "If there's one thing I've learned" quote, even though the author's HERO triumphs - for the greater good of us all - only after trusting the woman who has moved on, and is now happy with another.

Another hopeless Romantic.

December 21, 2010

Who needs John Bolton? All that's necessary tonight is for FOX NEWS to introduce him: "If this next story doesn't enrage you, there just might be something wrong with you!"

11 days left in "The Year We Make Contact".



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