Anna Leone Ross Fasciani / 2005

The Last Lifetime

In the film "The Andromeda Strain", two scientists standing in a control room, look out through a window into the adjacent room beyond containing the objects of their scrutiny. In order to examine the phenomena further however, they are forced to step into suits that allow them to enter the room without actually leaving the one they're in.

When faced with the puzzled faces of those who don't understand "Be IN the World, but not OF it...", the Saints always explain that there is a Grand Division to the spherical Regions of Creation; everything on the side furthest from the Supreme Being at the center is known as the Three Worlds and is ruled by Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu; themselves under the absolute control of a Being best described as Time itself. 

It is that same Supreme Being that takes on bodies in order to explore this wrong side of the cosmic tracks: creating the Physical Universe and everything in it in the process - including You and Me.

Everything we know, all that we agree upon, everything we've ever done or thought, and all that separates Us or keeps us apart; Anger, Greed, Envy, Lust and Attachment, can be found in the Three Worlds and nowhere else. 

Don Juan explained it as a table; upon which we constantly arrange and re-arrange the objects that we deem important with what he calls the First Attention, unaware that the table itself is but an object. An object in a huge valley surrounded by vast mountains that we never see, much less cross, unless one develops the Second Attention - no mean feat - as every habit, conditioned response, or compromise that has justified our attachment to Life as we know it; is superceded by the Second Attention. 

This is the SHIFT that transcends all others.

Beyond Paradigms and politics.

Beyond partisanship and Parallax.

Beyond everything... but Faith and a sense of adventure. Faith in what lies beyond the edge of the World and the sense of adventure needed to step into the void when we arrive at its edge.

Beyond the spirit of the age lies an Age Of The Spirit in which we turn our collective backs on isolation and all that has kept us apart; from seeing each other as we truly are... the same.


What more could a Supreme Being ask?

What are we waiting for?



Michael Sterling: Tales Of The Mystic West
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