Very Large HURRAY!(?)

Ellie Arroway was a Virgo.

"Brilliant, driven, a major pain in the ass, and obsessed with a field of study considered tantamount to professional suicide". Sound familiar? Or to paraphrase: "There's no chance that you believe this because some part of you needs to believe it?"

The plug gets pulled all the time, and those who fight it are faced with not being published, not being taken seriously, and finding their careers over before they begin. If what you hope to prove might lead to the greatest discovery in the history of the Human Race, and you've pursued the "message from Vega" in spite of there being no data to prove it's existence either way, then Carl Sagan's description of his Heroine in CONTACT probably applies to you too.

Stepping back for a moment and looking at the Big Picture may not be for everybody but what if everyone looking at the same time, or at least stepping back, is what finally brings the "picture" into focus?

What if that has been the Message for thousands of generations?