"Can... can you say that again?"

When the word comes down, the Mother Of All Messages will probably have to be repeated.

IF it comes down. The "Flying Saucer" phenomenon dates back over 50 years, and many can be excused for doubting such things actually exist. One sentence however, stands out like an opposable thumb in regards to "Disclosure" and why it hasn't happened yet and perhaps never will: "The predominant party affiliation of career military, intelligence, corporate defense contractor and NASA personnel is Republican." 

"When cultures clash, the superior technological culture will always prevail against the inferior, less developed one."

Ayn Rand / West Point (1974)


"Disclosure - formal acknowledgement by the U.S. Government of the extraterrestrial presence engaging the planet."

Paradigm Research Group

Don't hold your breath... 




The LOST Planetary Mysteries



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