William Cooper was right. There IS more than one way to embargo the truth.

Remember the joke about the difference between NACA and the newer NASA? A line through the "C" and the "S". A punchline, or a punch to the face? Maybe a blow a little lower? Money changes everything.

The latest use of a Silent Weapon is all too obvious in this fragment of an email from someone facing three more 16 hour days to put in without pay to put on the next X-Conference.

The economy wiped out the advanced booking
and the attendance is down 60%. The expected
loss will be around $20,000, and that's with the
Live Streaming registration*. Total losses for all
X-Conferences will reach around $90,000. That's
gross, not net of any money to me. Total time
working on the X-Conferences, in excess of
5000 hours. Pay? Zero. All the losses had
to be made up by raising funds from supporters which
took many more hundreds of hours.

Must mean 60% more viewers for the Sacred Site Ancient Aliens 2012 Crystal Skull Marathon - stock footage, CGI simulations, the usual experts, and Special Luncheon Speaker: "a noun, a verb, and Zecharia Sitchin" - all brought to you by American Pickers, LENNOX, Head & Shoulders, Subaru, ADVAIR, IHOP,, And that's just one commercial break.

The truth costs money (*$24.95).
Americans have forgotten this simple truth which
is one reason their country is going down the

Is there a quieter war than the one you don't realize is being waged against you?

A war that can be won with a single stroke.

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"Possession isn't nine-tenths of the law, it's nine-tenths of the problem."

John Lennon