(disclose) verb: make known to the public information that was previously known only to a few people or that was meant to be kept a secret

There are two groups of people. Those who know and those who don't.

Pleading, begging, demanding, asking nicely, bargaining, threatening, arguing, reasoning, screaming, have no effect on the guy approaching you with an electric drill, power saw, or other instrument of torture he has paid for the right to use on you as he pleases. In a sound-proof room provided by a system that exists to keep his secret. A system that is itself TOP SECRET and more powerful than the unfortunate victim ever suspected until the true nature of their reality is revealed. Then the pleading, begging, demanding, asking nicely, bargaining, threatening, arguing, reasoning, screaming begin all over again. All of it ignored, perhaps even savored, by an implacable enemy safe in the knowledge that its actions are secure, approved, sanctioned, and can not, will not, be interrupted.

The only escape from the predicament is to join the system yourself. Provided you can pay the price. Whatever it is.

The 2010 X-CONFERENCE has come and gone with the only mention of it by George Noory on Coast to Coast AM being the announcement that he would be there - as though that was reason enough for others to attend - and then that he was tied up en-route and had missed a sizable portion of it. Nothing about the content of the event or the effect attending same had on his personal view of the world. Insights that some of us actually tuned in to hear upon his return. Confirmation that the Conference had truly been worth the effort that went into it.


4 days after the event, Steven Bassett - someone that could have used a little more help from his Special Luncheon Guest - finally admitted that DISCLOSURE was inevitable, but it would be the Chinese, Brazil, the Brits, ANYONE but the United States, that would be responsible for it.

Anyone think we'll have more luck with the Chinese?

During last night's C2C Space Roundtable, Richard C. Hoagland stopped short of screaming in his efforts to cajole Noory's audience into accepting his explanation of Barack Obama's non-performance as the DISCLOSURE PRESIDENT. Bad advice from worse advisors. Proving only that Obama is not The President Richard hoped he would be.

Robert Zubrin alone nailed it. Again. And for his efforts, he was left with 10 seconds to "wrap up" how Hope is the last thing on the minds of those "in on it"; hidden in plain sight and determined to keep us in low-earth orbit.

Or worse.


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