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Never A Straight Answer.

America loves a bumbler. If your goal is to hide; at all costs, the discoveries you make from those you think will only be panicked by their disclosure - allowing yourself to look incompetent and stupid to those who don't NEED TO KNOW may be a small price to pay - especially if the only person even close to exposing you has been relegated to "Science Advisor" to a lone host on a single late night Talk Radio show. 

Hoagland gave a very grounded , actually fabulous talk...full of REAL content... unlike your "projections" that mirror your personnal inner mind...

I feel sad that you are so stuck on criticizing...it depletes your power and beauty.

Would that you took off your dark glasses, you might see something very hopeful to participate in, ie: HAARP may not be what you think it is....

Hoagland will be in the LA area Oct 6-8 for a workshop he is giving.... I intend to be there.

He is also putting together a TV show (ala X-files) with a key player behind Mission Impossible 3.

Possibly only YOU stand in your way. ... or maybe by now Hoagland has too many psychic scars from your attacks to look twice...

I don't honestly know...because he doesn't mention your name... and I have nothing encouraging to report to him.




"Which would you rather do, learn the actual truth or sit around debating endlessly till you decide upon what you imagine the truth ought to be?"

Superior Nuisance Straha / COLONIZATION: AFTERSHOCKS


11.06.10BIG DAY


char - la - tan noun: a flamboyant deceiver; one who attracts customers with tricks or jokes. one making usually showy pretenses to knowledge or ability


November 2006

The prohibitively expensive Joshua Tree "Seminar / Retreat" has come and gone with no mention of it's content for weeks by either Hoagland or George Noory. Last night, however, we were told that for even more money we can purchase the first hour and a half. The time it took to make that announcment could have been better spent telling those who couldn't afford Truth's E-Ticket what was so important about Kokopelli and the end of time in the first place.


When I created the New Wonders page for Planetary Mysteries in 1997, I included the Internet among such wonders as the face on Mars, and fractal Crop Circles.

The Internet has become more of a temple turned into a den of thieves than the cyber-library of Alexandria it once was, and Hoagland and Noory should be the first to have their display tables kicked into the street. A process already begun by one of the hundreds of responses sent for inclusion in the joint SSWA / RLF Meteor Crater action of September 23, 2006.

The one I didn't have the heart to post until now.


Noory deserves his dishonorable mention for being more embarassing than John Kerry telling an "Aura" joke, His latest gaffe; bemoaning the death of Steve Irwin and claiming his close friendship to the Crocodile Hunter, only to solemnly claim that all his dear friend would have to say of his own death would be...

Wait for it... "CRICKEY."


Unfortunately, both Noory and Hoagland in their quest for celebrity and cash, sound more and more like Lou Dobbs; whose own success at reporting on the "War On The Middle Class", and the threat of Illegal Aliens, keeps him from exposing the truth behind the North American Union, The Trans-Texas Corridor, and the bio-metric ID that are the ultimate goal of the "news" he must report to keep his job.

Real threats that should be mentioned EVERY DAY, but won't see the light of day until they no longer threaten the celebrity's cash flow.

The bottom line of all charlatans*.


: (


* Except, of course, for The Charlatans.


June 14, 2010 / Day 56 of the BP Gulf oil spill disaster. Richard Hoagland redeems himself on C2C with his obvious concern for the residents of the Gulf Coast, and his compassionate fear for their safety (evacuation?) if the ocean floor blows as he suspects the hidden "mud dog" data will prove it is in the process of doing. THAT is the Richard I know, and we are lucky to have him on our side. I apologize to anyone who thinks I may have been a little hard on him.

Noory is as dumb as ever.