The Day Before Tomorrow

"In the schools, the children of the WormCam made academic studies of the era in which their parents and grandparents had grown up: an incomprehensible, taboo-ridden pre-WormCam age only a few decades in the past in which liars and cheats had prospered, and crime was out of control, and people killed each other over lies and myths, and in which the world had been systematically trashed through willful carelessness, greed, and an utter lack of sympathy for others or foresight regarding the future." 

The Light of Other Days / Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter

"Prisoner's dilemma was part of it, of course; this simple game had been studied for decades. Two prisoners, kept separately, were asked to testify against the other, to benefit themselves. Rewards were quantified for easy computer trials: if both refused to defect, each earned three points; if they both defected, they earned one point: if one defected and the other didn't, the defector got five points while the sap got zero. A simple game, with a simple if depressing result: in most scenarios one accumulated points fastest by always defecting."



Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the debate, or lack of it, concerning the impending global environmental crisis was the vehemence with which critics, newscasters, and other public mouthpieces attacked the artistic license necessary to deliver the message contained in the recent blockbuster "The Day After Tomorrow". Even so, the melting of the Arctic ice cap and the collapse of the Larsen ice shelf in Antarctica resulting in rising sea levels and the re-direction of major currents in the oceans has become common knowledge. 

There was another message intertwined in the story of the coming global superstorm. A message aimed right at Vice President Dick Cheney and the Bush Administration. One wonders if those charged with protecting the United States while being accused of re-defining the country for those who placed them in power, were moved by the portrayal of the leader of the Free World admitting his mistakes, apologizing to the Third World countries he had dismissed as expendable, and accepting their compassion, forgiveness, and help. 

You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone...

Historically, the totalitarian mind set attempts to silence Artists and Art that does not promote the party line. Whether it's done with smashed doors and barbed wire, or bad reviews and worse box office, Art always wins. 

If, in the end, all that truly mattered were the tears shed unexpectedly in a darkened movie theater; tears welling up unbidden at the recognition of a great Human Truth that binds us all, it will be the Artists; Friends Of All The World, we have to thank.


"The Ark anchored a few kilometers to the east of the sunken cities of Colorado Springs and Pueblo. It was standard operating procedure to stand so far off shore. This far out, few of the dismal throng of boats, junks, and rafts that haunted every shoreline were able to reach the Ark."

FLOOD / Stephen Baxter  




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