If someone who has never been abducted gets the creeps when a disembodied, unidentified voice promotes downloading and playing the exclusive "Alien Abduction Game", what might be the effect of such a shameless pitch on actual abductees?

Does George "ABSOLUTELY" Noory, in his never-ending quest for signs of the "END TIMES", ever think that having an advertisement for such an app - designed to be downloaded to and played on a phone TRACKABLE FROM SPACE - inserted into the minds of his listeners during an interview with Whitley Strieber or Budd Hopkins might itself be such a sign?

He never passes up an opportunity to repeat that he doesn't believe in coincidences. What's left?

If he balked at promoting such a product and was told:"You want to keep your job? Do your job!", does he realize that continuing under such circumstances may mark the End Times as sure as any Mark of any Beast?