All apologies to Henry Oertelt. 

If he is still alive he is probably not lining up to have his hand chipped. His grandchildren may be though. 

Arthur C. Clarke; in his novel "Childhood's End" has the Overlords stay in their ships - hovering above Earth's major cities - for an entire generation until the novelty of their presence wears off. 


Hi To whom it may concern.. I noticed the use of a symbol that resembles a Swastika.. Re the Chip in-plant is this what the chip looks like or is this the use of the innocent swastika to portray evil discontent..? As this is a liberating symbol and should be used rightfully to liberate human consciousness not suppress....pls could you email me an explanation Concern and regards

Om Nama Shiva


That IS the chip and it's function is NOT to liberate consciousness even though it's hard to tell if it's clockwise or counter-clockwise.

Shiva Me Timbers!

Wow Michael.. The cheeky shape shifting fools... The time is upon us to make a change.. The Swastika is a sacred symbol I have chosen to use for love and guidance, my liberated consciousness recognises the symbol for these reasons.. But they the controlling few always as you know feed us and use these shapes and images for there end games.. I know better and so do many... till we understand.

Thanks for your speedy reply, you may like this link.

Warm regards

Om Nama Shiva Knx