For over four decades, everyone with even a passing interest in UFO's has known that the craft that landed in front of Lonnie Zamora was ELLIPTICAL.

With DISCLOSURE advocates from Bassett to Greer growing ever quieter, a new program on a cable network that shall remain nameless; recreated the first documented Close Encounter of the Third Kind, and not only changed the shape back to a classic Saucer, but made no mention of the insignia clearly visible and documented by Zamora himself.

All apparently, to ascribe the shocked Patrolman's legendary sighting to an accidental glimpse of PROJECT SILVERBUG, which anyone with more than a passing interest in Flying Saucers knows looks nothing like the egg-shaped UFO drawn by Lonnie himself.

Is this the DISCLOSURE equivalent of FOX NEWS switching the identity of the 20th hijacker when it's convenient?