The World Is Flat

There are many people without whose dedication, inspiration, and example, this site would not exist and if this site is about anything, it's about the benefits of Dedication, Inspiration, and Example coming together at the right place and at the right time.

One such person is Montgomery Scott of the U.S.S. Enterprise, who has finally gone where no man has gone before, but will not be coming back

The world IS flat.

Holy Men in the Himalayas recognize Kate Winslet and human beings around the globe know what trekking across the stars will be like due to the lives of James Doohan and others like him.

Lost in the news that SCOTTY will be launched into space is the fact that it won't be on the "RETURN TO FLIGHT" Shuttle Mission that would be the obvious way to honor those who have waited so long to return to the Moon, or encourage those who have been born since and hope to crew the first missions to Mars.

Strange Days Indeed.

Like the Saints of India who, when asked "which of the Five Passions is the worst?" reply: "they are ALL the worst" - when faced with "Which is the most important SHIFT page?" - I find it harder to choose a favorite than the Sheik in Ben-Hur; forced to share his attentions among the Arabians that are destined to defeat Rome in the arena.

The image on this last SHIFT HAPPENS page however, taken by a paying passenger in a Mig-25; a war machine designed to counter a threat from yet another war machine, is not only a perfect example of the shifts represented in the SHIFT HAPPENS site...

... it's one of the reasons that this page will be my favorite for a while, even though they are all "the most important."


Michael Sterling
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