T is for Tibet

L.A. for Taiwan? That may be the next life or death decision George W. Bush has to make. Maybe the Chinese should have threatened him with the loss of Maine instead.

His father lost his lunch on his way to cut his deal with China that would assure their silence and tacit approval of Desert Storm.

The whole world looked the other way in the '50's when the War On Terror actually started along the borders of Tibet; a country that can no longer be found on modern maps.

Days after 9-11, Richard Gere, speaking for the Dalai Lama, was booed from the stage for urging compassion in the face of uncertainty. Uncertainty is rampant now in a world where Regime Change is official policy and compassion can only be found in it's first victims.



Cuck the Fhinese!

Buck Fush! Why doesn't anyone stand up to what's happening? The Dali Lama a terrorist threat? Give me a friggin break.