11.03.09SHIFT HAPPENS: That '80's Show

What's the most important episode in the obligatory "V" Marathon leading up to tonight's premeire of ABC's remake?

The first one.

Like so many other Sci-Fi mini-series hoping to warn us of impending doom before the Studio Exec's start making suggestions, the opening hours tell the tale - the true story that few remember after weekly episodes with their standard, sub-standard car chases and predictable victors in the fight against the "enemy".

Unlike other '80's shows; "The Day After" and AMERIKA", where the enemy was the Soviet Union who wiped us out as the TV in the background droned on in the former, but just changed America's logos in the latter, the enemy in "V" is anyone the Visitors, and the media They control, say it is.

All long before FOX NEWS, MSNBC, and CNN.