The Prince of Bethar

When did Air Superiority become Air Dominance and how? Does the new term mean dominance from the air or dominance of the air itself?

This summer's remake of "War Of The Worlds" shows us, as only the Director of "JAWS" can, what true dominance is really like and should be seen by everyone who supports a brutal occupation by foreign powers who have the technological advantage over their helpless victims. 

In Mikhail Naimy's masterpiece, "The Book Of Mirdad"; a Holy Man is confronted by a powerful ruler intent on warring with his neighbor. Mirdad counsels him to fight. To fight all that separates him from his neighbor and all that puts them at odds in the first place. He advises him to throw his weapons and his wealth in the same heap so that his neighbor, following his example, might do the same 

Can it be that simple? 

Perhaps. It is certainly the opposite of what is being done in our name in 2005. 

Once again, Stanley Kubrick; a Holy Man of a different time, showed us the inevitable destruction that follows a weighted object in the wrong hand. Homo Satiens finally found a tree tall enough and got to the Moon, but that first murder at the water hole still follows us no matter how we ignore the problems that have been with us since the Dawn of Man. 



"They thirsted to fight because the war existed, and because it had been officially declared admirable and patriotic to kill. That was enough."

Shaman / Noah Gordon

"There are some in the world who are prematurely resigned to the inevitability of war. Among them are the advocates of the so-called 'preventative war.' who, in their resignation to war, wish merely to select their own time for initiating it. To suggest that war can prevent war is a base play on words and a despicable form of warmongering... The world has had ample evidence that war begets only conditions which beget further war."

Peace Prize acceptance speech / Ralph Bunche (1950)







Who's imagining WAR?